What you can expect


Repairs of the highest possible standard; having been trained to produce only the best workmanship.

Top quality materials, including the best bow hair, strings and fittings.

Regular maintenance will ensure your instrument is in peak playing condition at all times.

Set up correctly to ensure the most comfortable playing experience.

Professional tonal adjustment and set-up to ensure the ideal tone production for you and your instrument.

As a musician, I have a greater understanding of the player's needs, and a good ear.

As a technician, I can bring an impartial and professional eye - and ear! - to the way an instrument is set up.  Sometimes owners are too close to their instrument to see how it can be improved.


Fitting a new fingerboard

  • Repairs
  • Bow rehairs
  • Servicing
  • Set up
  • Tonal Adjustment
  • Restoration
  • Instrument Sales
  • Accessories



See the Bows Page.


Instrument Sales

I undertake commission sales.

I offer old and new instruments for sale.

If you are seeking to buy, I may have an instrument to suit your needs or can advise on the purchase of the right instrument for you.



I stock cases, bows, strings, shoulder rests, chin rests, rosin, mutes, humidifiers etc.

I advise players on chin and shoulder rest combinations for comfort.

I custom make, or can commission, items which will make a huge difference to your comfort and the overall playing experience.


Judith Blackwell - Tel. 01289 304383   Mobile 07770 846148