About me

As a professional violin repairer and restorer I have been involved in the violin trade for over 30years.

I have extensive experience of working on violins, violas and 'cellos by many different makers and ranging from old Italian to today's modern instruments.

Before moving to Berwick-upon-Tweed, Northumberland, I was workshop manager for the world-renowned violin restorers and dealers, J.P.Guivier. I restored, repaired, carried out tonal adjustments for professional orchestral players, trained workshop staff, made sales and much more! I have continued to develop all these amazing skills over the years. 

Judith in the workshop

My clients

I work with orchestral players, quartets, soloists and traditional fiddlers. Clients include professionals, teachers, amateurs, students and children. Whatever your level of expertise, you will benefit hugely from a properly maintained and set up instrument.

One of the most rewarding parts of my work is developing an ongoing relationship with clients and their instruments.

Players travel long distances across rural Northumberland and the Borders to visit my workshop and I am in the privileged position of enjoying reciprocal visits to hear clients, many of whom have become friends, perform with instruments that I maintain.


Your satisfaction

Whether I restore your instrument or sell you an instrument, we shall work through the process at your pace. Ultimately all musicians strive to get the best from their instrument and my aim is always to do everything I can to help you to achieve this. Sometimes this can simply be a small inexpensive adjustment/tweak or maybe a wolf note that needs taming on your cello (Yes I really can!), or an indepth restoration taking many hours.

My full personal attention, care and service is unparalleled.   

Judith Blackwell - Tel. 01289 304383  Mobile 07770 846148

Photography by Don Brownlow Photography